Computer Communications Engineering

    Department of Computer Communications:
    Due to the rapid developments in communication systems including digital, mobile, optic and satellite communication; University of Information and Communication Technology has founded a new department of Computer Communication Engineering within the College of Engineering, toward introducing specialized and qualified engineers in the above branches especially computer communication in order to meet the labor market needs.

    Alumni of Computer Communications Engineering Department are capable of giving solutions for applied problems in most communication fields for their theoretical and practical experience. This experience is given by acquired by new and solid curricula and applied laboratories in vast range of subjects including digital communications, computers networks and protocols, antennas, waves spread and mobile communications.

Study Plan:
Study plan of the department includes four stages with two semesters each. Curriculum consists of 58 subjects for the 4 years of study, so that the alumni completes 156 units in 3057 hours of the 4 years. Curricula are based on new visions coincide those of international universities depending on modernity of proficiency so that they include major sciences of engineering, basic communications, electrical circuits, electronics, analogue and digital communications, programming and databases, computer and internet networks, wireless sensor networks, microprocessors and controllers, information engineering, communication networks and mobile and optical communications.