Media Technology Engineering

    Department of Information Technology Engineering:
    The great development in the field of information technology needs specialized engineering cadres with sufficient skills in the production of radio and television, satellite and internet broadcasting, communications of various kinds, data conversion, information materials, revision, video, animation and graphics.

    Graduates of the Department of Information Technology Engineering are ready to compete in the field of work market, typical freelance or full-time positions in media organizations and satellite channels (private / public).

Work nature:
1. The use of modern techniques, equipment in the field of contemporary media.
2. Operations - Due to the technical process of satellite broadcasting and internet broadcasting.
3. Inter-disciplinary work in the field of communications, media, networks, computers.
4. Application of knowledge in the use of means of communication and the Internet Materials.
5. Production of information materials of various kinds.
6. Works - as a result of maintenance and periodic maintenance and participation in the installation of modern equipment.
7. Identify, construct and solve engineering problems and mathematics.
8. Design and conduct experiments and scientific research required by the employer.
9. Effectively communicating with taking into consideration the professional and moral responsibility.
10. Evaluation of a system or process, or a computer program to meet the desired needs.
11. Specialized auditing of work in the field of communications, networks and broadcasting.
12. identify, analyze, and determine requirements for data collection, analysis and interpretation.
13. Application of instructions related to contracts and tenders.
14. All or some of the tasks mentioned above.