UoITC signs Memorandum of Understanding with Iranian university Shiraz

29052017 1

At the end of its visit to Iran, the delegation of the University of Information Technology and Communications that was represented by the president of the university; Dr. Abbas Al-Bakri. The delegation signed a memorandum of understanding with the Iranian University Shiraz.

29052017 2The delegation aims to create cooperative relations between the two universities in the fields of electronic and engineering projects, mutual courses and participations in conferences between both universities. The delegation also seeks the possibility of training students and lecturers, activating the Visiting Professor program and exchanging scientific views in modern technology topics.
The Iranian University Shiraz is one of the most important universities in Iran. It was founded in 1946 and was called the University of Pahlavi. It includes different colleges with different scientific departments. It is headed by Dr. Safawi who said that signing the memoranda with a university specialized in IT field is an advanced stage in the relations between the universities in both countries.
29052017 4Al-Bakri said that signing the memorandum of understanding with prestigious universities improves the academic level of the university at the local and regional levels. UoITC that is specialized in the fields of informatics and communication, despite of its recent establishment, it has put the foundation stone that attract all specialists either in teaching, training or participating In scientific research in IT fields. It takes advantage of experiences of international universities in the field of informatics, as provided by such memorandums of understanding. In addition to the possibility of exchanging scientific visits of lecturers and students between the two sides.
29052017 3At the end of the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding between the University of Information Technology and Communication and the University of Shiraz, Shiraz University Assistant President said that the MoU is important to both sides and is very easy to achieve.
The delegation members are the university president Dr. Abbas Mohsen al-Bakri, Dean of the Faculty of Business Information Dr. Safa Abis Mahdi, a number of lecturers. The visit was for three days.