UOITC moves a convoy of food aids to support Popular Mobilization Forces factions who stationed at the battlefields


The University of Information Technology and Communications moved a food aid to support Popular Mobilization Force fighters who settled in the headlights fronting ISIS.
Prof.Dr. Abbas Al Bakri the head of the university, the dean of Businesses Informatics College and members of the university staff headed the convoy.

180820161The head of the university said, ''All Iraqis and their various sects stand united supporting PMF, who is running the fiercest battles against ISIS''.
Prof.Dr. Al Bakri mentioned that the given food aid is a very simple support comparing with the sacrifices of fighters who front terrorism. He met the leaders of PMF. He viewed with them the most prominent of several aspects of the challenges facing the fighters and the nature of the provided support to PMF at various levels. Then the delegation of the university went to visit the fighters at the headlights and distribute food aid to them. The delegation Keened to deliver aid to the farthest point in the battlefields. The fighters warmly greeted the delegation and they appreciated this initiative. The fighters considered this initiative as a moral motivation and gave them a great feeling that all Iraqis are standing side by side to support them in their holy war against terrorism.
The delegation ended their visit holy shrines in Samarra trip and intoning Al Fatiha for the souls of the martyrs of Iraq who have fallen defending our country.