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Iraqi Journal for Computers and Informatics is an open access ,double-blind peer reviewed, international academic journal published biannual (one issue/year before 2017).It is institutional journal issued by the University of Information Technology and Communications (UoITC) in Baghdad- Iraq; UoITC is one of governmental universities which established by the Ministry of Higher Education in Iraq. IJCI aims to contribute to the constant scientific research and to provide a sober scientific journal that enriches scholars around the world and it deals with all aspects of computer science.

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Focus and Scope

Subject areas suitable for publication in IJCI include (but are not limited) to the following fields:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Computer science in modeling
  3. Computer Architecture& Embedded systems ...and more...
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Submitting Instructions

Manuscripts that have been submitted to IJCI must be original, not plagiarized, and has not been published elsewhere. Consequently IJCI will ignore any work doesn't meet these policies.
So authors have to follow the following instructions.. Read More

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Author Guidelines

IJCI welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence. For this purpose IJCI isfor allauthors around the world who have excellent papers in computer Sciences and relevant fields.All the manuscripts submitted for publication are first peer reviewed to make sure they are original, relevant and readable.Manuscripts should be submitted via Online Submission only.

IJCI Reviewers

The main duties as a member of the IJCI Reviewers Committee will be to review papers submitted to the journal, submit papers, recommending new reviewer committee members, suggesting topics improvements, and disseminating the Call for Papers.

As a fully peer-refereed journal, submitted work should meet a high standard, only accepted papers will be published in the journal, and so the member's role of the review board is to provide commentary, criticism, and opinion for those papers that they review.

Researchers and authors are invited to participate in the peer-review process of IJCI papers if your research interest matches with the themes of Call for Papers.

The most important parts of your review are the written comments that will be transmitted to the author. On the review form, please give a straightforward assessment of the importance of the ideas and/or results presented in the paper. Your written comments should provide a thorough appraisal of the reported work.

Reviewers are generally expected to complete their review within a four weeks period or before the due date that mentioned in the review round.

If you are unable to review. please find a competent alternate reviewer, else notify us immediately so that we can pass it on to another IJCI reviewer.

Reviews should be constructive and provide feedback to the authors. Reviewers are also encouraged to suggest ways and ideas to improve the paper, even if it is acceptable in its original form. The completed review form should be electronically returned to the IJCI Managing Editor.

Iraqi Journal for Computers and Informatics


The First Issue

Volume 1 (1977)
Volume 1 (1977)
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Cross ref


doi 10.25195

doi 10.25195

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Dr. Jane Jaleel Stephan,
Assist. Prof Dr.,
University of Information Technology and Communications,
Baghdad - Iraq

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P.O.BOX: 3071
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