New Payroll System Contract

University of Information Technology and communications contracted the new payroll system use, which was designed by the university for the benefit of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and other institutions.

UOITC visits the Exhibition of Computers, Communications and Informatics

University of Information Technology and Communications visited the Exhibition of Computers, Communications and Informatics, which was held on the land of the Baghdad International Fair.
The visit was with the participation of professors from the College of Business Informatics and Informatics Institute of Higher Studies in addition to the students, the visit included access to the latest information technology and communications.

UOITC holds a seminar on "Terrorism and the Culture of the Media Discourse"

The University of Information Technology and Communications held a seminar on Terrorism and Culture of the Media Discourse. The university hosted Prof. Dr. Taleb Mehdi Al Sudany, Professor of Sociology from Baghdad University\ College of Literature.
The seminar was attended by the university’s president, the scientific assistant and a number of the teaching staff. Prof. Dr. Al Sudany explained that terrorism represented by “Islamic State in Iraq and Sham”, which has a very bad effect on Iraqi society and the hateful sectarianismfound byterrorsupportive countries who want to disseminate Iraqi people.

Awareness Seminar on the Rationalization of Water Use

University of Information Technology and Communications held a seminar about the rationalization of water use. This seminar aims to reduce the use of water which has a great importance in our life. It is represented by the assistant lecturer Dalia Samer from Business Informatics College in our university.

UOITC celebrated the anniversary of Iraqi army establishment

In the presence of the university's president, the University of Technology and Communications celebrated the victories of Iraqi army supported by people crowd forces of Iraq (PCF) and members of tribes.
UOITC celebrated the 95th anniversary of Iraqi army establishment and the 94thanniversary of Iraqi police establishment.

President of the UOITC inspects the dormitories for students

President of the University of Information Technology and Communications Professor Dr. Abbas Mohsen al-Bakri visited the student dormitories of the university in the Karrada district.
President of the university made his visit in late at night time to see the conditions of the students and their needs and provide the appropriate environment for the student dormitories as required by sections of the requirements needed by the students Dr. al-Bakri.
Dr. Abbas Mohsen al-Bakri has ordered the provision of a private building for the university students who live outside the capital Baghdad, the university furnished the building at the best level and as befits the students. Dr. al-Bakri reclaimed the students to pay attention to the building sections, urging them to make their best to improve their scientific levels to serve educational progression.
Prof. Dr. al-Bakri also pointed to the provision of appropriate security conditions to maintain the security and protection of the dormitories students.

The Occasion of World Arabic language Day

As recognition of its location on the map of history and knowledge the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Hussein al-Shahristani congratulates Iraqi and Arab academic institutions on the occasion of the World Arabic language Day, which has embraced the Holy Quran and passionate his holy words and concepts.

Minister of Higher education visit to UOITC

Minister of Higher Education Directed to Prepare the Needs of UOITC for the Success of the Educational Process

Minister of higher education, Dr. Hussain Al –Shahrestani, held an inspection tour to the University of ICT. Mr. Minister directed the ministry formations to prepare the needs of ICT University for the success of the educational process.