UOITC organizes a seminar on religious knowledge and its impact on educational guidance


Training and Development Department in University of Information Technology and Communications organized a seminar on religious knowledge and its impact on educational guidance.

Researcher Kheder Awad Al-Khuzai explained during the seminar, the importance of the Islamic religion in the lives of Iraqis and its proportion representation in society, pointing out that 90% of the Iraqi people embraces Islamic religion and became part of the cultural and national identity of Iraq.
Al-Khuzai showed the stages of rule in Iraq and its impact on the educational aspects and the nature of the laws and legislation that ruled the country during those periods, indicating that the diversity of religious schools did not affect the general character of the religion where remained far from interactions that could lead in the maze of sectarian conflict and staying away from real educational mission.

UOITC hosts first Iraqi astronaut Captain Fareed Lafta

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Businesses Informatics College in University of Information Technology and Communications hosted Iraqi stout Captain Fareed Lafta.
Pilot Captain Fareed Lafta provided an overview as a first Iraqi astronaut entered the Guinness World Records for his participation in skydiving over Everest Peak. He was born in Baghdad in 1978 and has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.

UOITC organized a seminar (Internet of Things)

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University of information technology and communications organized a seminar named " Internet of Things". The seminar has attended by Prof. Dr. Abbas Al-Bakri the president of UOITC, a number of the teaching staff and students of UOITC University and lecturers from other Iraqi universities.

UOITC delegation visited camps of displaced people


A delegation from the University of Information Technology and Communications visited the camp Alexanzan in Dora for the displaced people to note their conditions and to give them some help.
The members of the delegation were the academic assistant Dr. Jane J. Stephan, a number of teaching staff and employers of the university. They gave in-kind assistance to the displaced families, which included a basket of food and clothing for children and adults.

UOITC organized a conversation with a lecturer at Florida University via Skype


The college of Business informatics at the University of Information Technology and Communications organized English Language Corner program. It is a one- hour per week conversation. The program aims to enhance students' abilities in English language. It includes direct conversations via Internet with a doctor (PhD) at Florida University.

A Course on E-Governance in South Korea

Dr. Hussein Abdul Ridha, a lecturer in College of Informatics Business Management, participated in a course of E-Governance which was recently held in South Korea to take advantage from the Korean experience and learning more about the systems used.

The University Held a Lecture on Electronic Library Systems

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The University hosted Prof. Dr. Talal Nadhim Al-zuhairi , Head of Libraries and Informatics Department in Al-mustansiriya University and Iraqi Association of Information Technology , to present a lecture titled (Electronic Libraries Systems : Preferences and Options).

X.400 Message Transfer Protocol

A lecturer at College of Informatics Business Management, Bassam Talib Sabri, published a paper on X.400 Message Transfer Protocol in a global journal.

Papers on Design and Implementation of an E-Library

Dr. Hussain Abdul Redha, a lecturer at College of Informatics Business Management, published two papers on design and implementation of an E-Library in the International Journal of Research and Development Engineering.



Jamal Ahmed Othman, the lecturer in UOITC, received an invitation to participate in the "International Symposium on Mathematical Sciences and Computing 2015" in Malaysia to evaluate presented researches via the system of Confbay.

Huawei Technologies Company

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UOITC and Huawei discussed the modern technologies to develop the E-Learning in Iraq.
During the meeting, a bilateral cooperation between the University and the Company was discussed as well as the electronic-related developments in the local and educational Iraqi market.

Blood Donation Campaign

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UOITC Organizes Blood Donation Campaign Supporting the Armed Forces of the Army, Police and Popular Volunteer

Symposium on Quality Standards in the Specialist Universities

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Under Sponsorship of the Minister of Higher Education UOITC Held a Symposium on Quality Standards in the Specialist Universities

In cooperation with the Apparatus of Supervision and Scientific Evaluation, UOITC held a symposium on quality standards in the specialist universities at Ahmed Bin Fadhlan AL-Baghdadi Hall in the Educational Complex.

Seminar on Academic Ranking of World Universities

In the presence of the Dean and a number of lecturers, College of Informatics Business Management held a seminar on academic ranking of world universities and continuous improvement of UOITC performance.
The seminar dealt with the subject of academic ranking of world universities through adopting certain standards such as: search quality, worldview towards the university, academic achievement, graduate employment and quality of education. Additionally, it discussed the importance of continuous improvement of UOITC performance for inclusion in the international rankings.