Teacher participation from UOITC in the fifth e-learning forum.

  • 2017-11-22
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Teacher participation from UOITC in the fifth e-learning forum

Tamara Zuhair Fadel of the University of Information Technology and Communications  participated with a research on The Management of the Interactive Electronic Classroom at the fifth e-learning forum held by the University of Baghdad.   The aim of this research is to describe the global approach in world-class universities and to introduce the idea of ​​classroom and laboratory management to suit the development and technology through the Classroom Management program, which gives the student a quick, and easy communication between student and professor.   In addition to other advantages that serve the nature of the work of the interactive class effectively and easily and according to what is found in the laboratories of the world's modern universities. The researcher has received a certificate of appreciation as well as shield of the fifth e-learning forum.    It is worth mentioning that this forum held by the University of Baghdad for the period from 14 to 15 November 2017 and was attended by a number of researchers in Iraqi universities and a number of ministries and companies interested in technology issues in general and electronic education in particular. The President of the University of Baghdad praised these efforts and praised the experiences presented in the application of e-learning technology and called for continuity in the application of e-learning experiences of university professors to serve the education and science and then serve our beloved Iraq.

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