Continuing Education accomplishes training courses in Microsoft Excel2016 (Basic & Advanced) and Programming with the C#.

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Continuing Education accomplishes training courses in Microsoft Excel2016 (Basic & Advanced) and Programming with the C#.

The Department of Continuing Education at the University of Information and Communications Technology has completed training courses in Microsoft Excel2016 (Basic & Advanced) and the Programming with the C# course. A group of staff of the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research / Department of Studies, Planning, and Follow-up participated in the courses.

The Microsoft Excel2016 course, which is one of the programs that enables the participant to identify widely the various spreadsheet programs, and the advanced skills to use the program (Excel) in the creation of various tables, And the process of various calculations, and then produce those tables in a good way and print it. It also helps to design graphs and boxes of longitudinal and horizontal, drawing signals and processes advanced statistics.

By using a smart search feature, which Excel2016 provides, you can select a specific word within the document using a Bing search engine. This feature of smart search facilitates the editing and addition process as it also helps to replace written words with others that give a better and more expressive meaning.

Furthermore, C# is an Object Oriented Programming language which designed to boost developers to program a variety of secure and powerful .NET Framework applications such as Windows Applications and Web Applications.

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