The Quality Assurance Department holds a workshop on SWOT analysis for UOITC.

The Quality Assurance Department holds a workshop on SWOT analysis for UOITC
 The Quality Assurance and University Performance Department held a workshop on SWOT analysis of strengths and weaknesses. The workshop, which was given by the head of the department of the quality assurance , Mr. Jamal Ahmed Othman, and assistant teacher Qusay Shehab Hamad, the head of the department of the laboratory accreditation , aims at identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks related to the institution to benefit from proper strategic planning. In a logical way to help understand the correct decisions. The workshop dealt with the strengths of the university, where the University of Information Technology and communications graduated in the field of informatics, being a specialized university with specialized professors and young abilities to match the experience with the development in the field of computers. It also includes a continuous education center for the establishment of specialized courses that complement the educational curricula of the students. And staff to meet the requirements of the labor market, in addition to the existence of a scientific journal and a consulting office for the implementation of technical projects, and other features of the University. The weakness of the workshop focused on the most important is the lack of a complex containing vital facilities for the university and the lack of financial allocations and the lack of green spaces and research centers, as well as the need for the university administrative and scientific staff and the absence of a medical center within the university campus, in addition to the lack of services and infrastructure Especially for the disabled at the university at this stage. The workshop concluded with several recommendations, including focusing on the strengths and investing in them and taking advantage of the fact that the university is a governmental body that has priority in meeting the needs of the government sector of technological services. The continuous demand for employment in the information technolog sector in Iraq is a result of the development in this field. Greater opportunities for governmental and global support for cooperation in this area and its development.