UOITC visits Dar Al-Mahaba for the care of people with special needs.

  • 2018-02-13
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UOITC visits Dar Al-Mahaba for the care of people with special needs
 A delegation from the Presidency of the University of Information Technology and Communications visited the Mother Teresa (Dar Al Mahaba) for the care of children with special needs. 
 On Monday morning, the university delegation visited Dar al-Mahabah where the delegation was briefed on the situation of children with disabilities and the problems faced by the nuns in the house. Most of these needs focused on providing them with the necessary supplies. The visit comes within the framework of the voluntary work program organized by the university and its high sense that it is an integral part of the institutions of the society with responsibilities and duties. The delegation was consisted of  the assistant of the president of the university for scientific affairs Dr. Jean Jalil Ateifan accompanied by Dr. Anam Rikan, head of the department of scientific affairs.