Message from University's president .

Dr Abbas Al Bakry

The University Of Information Technology and Communication (UOITC) is the first specialized university in Information Technology and Communication in Iraq and the area. It has been established through the academic year 2014/2015 for the conviction of the latter in finding such a university to be an Iraqi civilized emblem that keeps up with the huge informatics.

The university aims to become a leading organization in the field of ICT in which the graduates are qualified with a highly competitive competence in the labor market, keeping up with rapid changes in the field of specialization and different working environments, active and contributed members to serve society, have the ability to invent and develop their skills continuously, and participate in researching projects concentrating on the problems of the labor market in the field of ICT. The goals of our university is to support the student lifelong as a part of learning process to make the students qualified linguistically , technically and behaviourally to match the global quality standards. The university endeavors to keep holding seminars and scientific conferences as well as developing software industry through the center of IT and the center of scientific information. Additionally, developing the skills of staffs in the government establishments and private sector through training center and ICT Academy. We support the staff of this site in order to make it a link between the university and its students and employees on one hand and the outside World on the other hand.