- Submitting educational programs with high quality to live up to international standards and meet the needs of the national community. - Preparing the graduate to work in the national and international market and that is through field training and practical projects through summer.- Continuous development of curriculum and study planning for all stages and levels to keep up with the quick developments in all science and engineering fields.- Using different teaching and evaluating methods to ensure achieving results of education of the programs offered.- Developing and supporting its (the University) scientific and cultural relations with Arab and international establishments and associations to increase scientific cooperation and experience exchange, and ensure the contribution to achieve developing goals.- Using quality and standard criteria to measure achieving the University goals and quality of the educational process.- Provision the graduate with the necessary skills to submit scientific research and proceeding in the higher studies.- Concentrating on the role of scientific research in serving society and solving the problems through applied research and scientific and engineering consulting for related authorities. Taking care with scientific specializations to ensure achieving development requirements through researching developing centers.- Consolidation the relations with society through interleaving the work with society organizations to build combined projects and contribution to solve the societal problems through the center of software development and scientific consulting offices at the University.- Establishing the scientific and searching environment, ensuring development of knowledge and abilities of teaching staff at the University.- Future planning to develop learning means at the University continuously.- Application of a mechanism for monitoring and evaluation.