A Seminar about Cooperative Teaching and Learning in the University Of Information Technology and Communications.

17012017 0

Basing on the directions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for publishing and adopting the strategies of cooperative teaching and learning in the Universities, the department of quality assurance and academic performance in the UOITC organized a seminar about "Cooperative Teaching and Learning" that was introduced by the head of this department of quality assurance and academic performance the professor Jamal A. Othman with attending the gentle university lecturers.

The seminar included defining the cooperative teaching and learning as it is an educational strategy concentrates on the students who work in heterogeneous groups for achieving the shared educational goal for it the students are divided into small groups each of them contains different educational levels.
Whereas the students of one group cooperate together to perform shared goal or goals (cognitive, emotional and skill), the group consists of 2-6 members or 3-5, the evaluation is done collectively not singularly, and so each one of them works for the group success in competition with other groups.
The seminar also included defining the features of the cooperative teaching of developing the communication skills among the students through developing the listening and talking skills, thoughts exchanging, respecting opinions of the others, accepting their views and solving the problems among the members of one group as well as developing learning skills.
The lecturer added to the importance of developing the planning and cooperation skills to accomplish specific task, one of the advantage of cooperative teaching is the increasing student achievement rates, increasing the ability of memorization, enhancing their ability of thinking and increasing the student self-confidence, in addition to reducing the behavioral problems and developing the cooperation skills with the others that encourage them to do volunteer activities that serve the community.