UOITC Issues Its Training Courses Curriculum for the Second Half of 2017.


The Department of Continuous Education in the University of Information Technology and communications issues its training courses curriculum for the second half of 2017.

 It contains training courses in many fields like: programming, networks, computer basics, statistics, management, websites designing, projects management. It also includes long-term courses which last for 25- 30 days. They include: Preparatory Course for Using Computer , Professional Course for Engineering Design, Professional Course for Database Programming, Preparatory Course for Postgraduate Students, and Computer Networks. As well as ASP.Net Programming Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, Computers Maintenance, and other varied courses. These Courses held by the university are a type of communication and presenting services for institutions and state departments which are interested in developing the capabilities of their employees and increasing the speed and facility of work done by electronic services for auditors. The nominated participant must meet the scientific requirements of the course she/he is participating in. Participants must be nominated before an appropriate period of time to know the number of participants and prepare the course requirements. Other conditions and instructions can be found on the website of the university (www.uoitc.edu.iq ), or bycontacting the Department of Continuous Education on ( [email protected] ), or calling on the following phone number 07811887211. to download.. click here.