A Study of a Member of the Faculty of the College of Business Informatics Examines the Proposal of Lip Sync Method to be more Realistic in the Three-Dimensional Face.

  • 2017-08-22
  • In BIC
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A study of a member of the Faculty of College of Business Informatics at the University of Information Technology and Communication was published by Dr. Etimad Raheem Ali in one of the international magazines which is one of Springer publishing house classified within the international classification S. It proposed a method of synchronizing the lips to be more realistic and expressive in the 3D face.

The search included the presentation of a three-dimensional human face (3D) designed to support the lips synchronized in line with the audio file input using, Raised Cosine Deformation (RCD) function MPEG-4 The facial model was based on the standard Facial Animation. The research suggested a way to move the three-dimensional facial animation model (3D) with its six basic expressions and feelings to record the movement of the lip using a basic set of sound called ProPhone. Also, the generation of basic emotions by combining Ekman model, Plutchik's wheel and emotional eye movements generated through the implementation of emotional eye language using Emotional Eye Movements Markup Language (EEMML) to produce a more realistic 3D face.