College of Engineering.

College of Engineering
About the College

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Information Technology and Communications (UOITC) was established in 2017, where it obtained official approvals from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
College Sections
- Department of Information Technology Engineering.
- Department of Computer Communication Engineering
Department of Information Technology Engineering
The great development in the field of information technology needs specialized engineering cadres and have the skills to deal with the advanced and modern devices used in radio and television production, satellite and Internet broadcasting, communications of all kinds, conversion of data from analog to digital media, networking, production Media materials, revision, video shooting, animation and graphics.
Duration of study
Duration of study in the college is Four years after the preparatory stage Scientific branch (Bi / Applied) The system of study in the department is quarterly by two semesters in the academic year.

Educational Subjects
The curriculum is diverse and combines several disciplines: electricity, communications, networking, computers, and media, as well as basic general subjects as the college or university requirements.
Graduates Department
Graduates of the Department of Information Technology Engineering are ready to compete in the local and global digital labor market with highly skilled technology in the concept of defining media material, designer, outlet, and technician on the different delivery formats. They include typical freelance or full-time positions in media and satellite channels (private / public).
Work Nature
(A) The use of modern techniques, devices and equipment used in contemporary information technology.
(B) Technical operations for satellite broadcasting and Internet broadcasting.
(C) Working in multidisciplinary teams in the field of communications, media, networks, computers.
(D) Application of knowledge in the use of communications and the Internet.
(C) Production of information materials of all kinds.
(H) Maintenance and periodic maintenance and participation in the installation of modern equipment.
(X) Identify, formulate and solve engineering problems and mathematics.
(D) Design and conduct experiments and scientific research needed by the employer.
(Y) communicate effectively with respect for professional and ethical responsibility.
(T) Evaluate a system, process, component or software to meet the desired needs.
(G) Specialized audit of engineering work in the field of communications, networks and broadcasting.
(O) Identify the problem, analyze it, and identify appropriate requirements for its resolution. As well as data collection, analysis and interpretation.
(U) Application of the instructions relating to contracts and tenders.
(R) part or all of the above.

Job Title of Graduate: Engineer
General Specialization: Engineering
Sub-specialization: Information Technology Engineering