UOITC Organizes a National Stand for the Unity of Iraq.

  • 2017-10-10
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UOITC Organizes a National Stand for the Unity of Iraq

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 In the presence of University President Dr. Abbas Mohsen Albakri University of Information and Communication Technology organized a national stand to express the unity of Iraq land and people with the participation of professors, employees and university students.

The university president, Dr. Abbas Mohsen al-Bakri, said that this stand comes as an expression of the cohesion of the Iraqi people to stand against all tendentious attempts and advocates of division , adding that the unity of this country with its intellectual and civilizational heritage spanning thousands of years is a proof of strength and steadfastness, and our university professors, employees and students support all efforts calling for the unity of Iraq and its people.

The stand included the raising of Iraqi flags and words and national chants calling for cohesion and national unity from the north to the south, and this shows that the Iraqi people of all sects and nationalities and religions stand solid  despite the plots and conspiracies woven against it. This reflects the extent of interdependence and cohesion among all of its components, Iraq is like the high mountain which is not shaken by the mighty winds.

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