University of Information Technology and Communications (UOITC) organizes a seminar on indicators and their impact on planning.

  • 2017-10-19
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University of Information Technology and Communications (UOITC) organizes a seminar on indicators and their impact on planning
The University of Information 
Technology and Communications (UOITC) organized a scientific symposium on the indicator as a performance measurement for strategic planning.
The seminar, which was presented by the Director of the Department of Studies, Planning and Follow-up, Dr. Hassan Yassin Ahmed, defined the statistical indicators adopted by the institutions, whether quantitative or qualitative, and how to invest them in all phases of strategic planning.
The seminar focused on the importance of the indicators as they identify the most important strengths and weaknesses in shaping the future of the institution and in determining the priorities and focus on the issues of substance and determine the necessary procedures for change.
The seminar also addressed the importance of planning and defining the objectives and activities that the institution seeks to implement in light of the available resources by identifying the status of the institution (where we are) and where we want to be to take the necessary steps to achieve the desired goal and implement the planned activities through the means available to achieve those goals.
The seminar was attended by the assistant president of the university for scientific affairs and an elite of university professors and staff who showed their interaction and admiration and the possibility of organizing a similar seminar in the preparation of the strategic plan of the university.