The Department of Continuous Education performs a number of training courses on MS-Project 2016 and Microsoft Access.

The Department of Continuous Education  performs a number of training courses on MS-Project 2016 and Microsoft Access
The Department of Continuous Education at the University of Information Technology and Communications  has completed a number of training courses in project management using the MS-Project 2016 and the Microsoft Access programs with the participation of a group of staff of the Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Finance and the Iraqi Commission for Computer and Informatics. The Project Management Course using a project management program that includes project management, including simple project management, cross-projects and complex projects. It allows the user to schedule and track all project activities, deal with all aspects  and components, and analyze project workflow using Earned value, in addition to presenting detailed reports on the project. It is a necessary course for any specialist who has primary responsibility for the projects carried out in his or her organization, whether administrative, support or executive responsibility, such as production team leaders, corporate management managers, project technical specialists, and financial statisticians who support projects. As for the Microsoft Access course, it aims at managing and designing databases. Through this possibility, the program can create tables with a range of data and deal with it smoothly and easily through interfaces that give the user flexibility to use. The system can also provide a variety of reports as needed Enterprise Access is the first program in database management and integration in other programming languages.
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